About  Agroha

  • State of the art plant with latest technology machinery located in 50000 sq ft area in in outskirts of Delhi, India

  • Start with the customer - find out what they want and give it to them.

  • All products manufactured on high output Farrel USA continuous Processor machines and several high torque twin screw extruders fitted with brabander loss in weight feeders and BKG under water palletisers 

  • 18000 mt per annul production capacity.

  • Exports to over 20 countries across 4 continents.

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Unmatched  Parameters

  • Complete range of masterbatches with over 10000 ready colour shade formulations

  • Specialist in black masterbatches with custom grades for pipes, automotive, agriculture, food packaging etc.

  • With high production capacity and high output machines, we can execute toll compounding/ contract manufacturing with high quality and most competitive prices.

  • Quality and R&D lab with top of the line FPV machine form collins germany, ferromatic injection moulding machine, minolta spectro photometer, pilot fibre extrusion line etc.

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Unmatched  Technology

  • FARREL (USA) CP2000 continuous processing extruder and high torque steer Twin screw extruders

  • BRABANDER (Germany) loss in weight feeders and BKG (Germany) under weight palletisers

  • Unique highly concentrated formulations and unmatched consistency

  • Advanced QC & R&D lab- fitted with Collins ( Germany) FPV machine, minolta spectro photometer, PP fibre, blown film and injection moulding pilot plants

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Unmatched  Standards

  • International Standards- FDA, ROHS, JHOSPA, REACH compliant grades

  • Multiple packaging Options- BOPP Bags, Transparent PE bags, jumbo bags, palletised / Non palletised

  • Transparent operations through online Means

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Black Masterbatches

10% to 60% carbon content black masterbatches with REACH certificate, food grade, high jetness. PE, PP,PS, PET, ABS and PC based aesthetic solid shades, pastel colors

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White Masterbatches

High Opacity, superior whiteness, FDA approved, upto 80% rutile Tio2 LLDPE Non critical application films with higher thickness .For high output machines. High opacity thin films

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Colour Masterbatches

REACH & ROHS compliant, High pigment loading , fine dispersion , High consistency Aesthetic solid shades , pastel colors , pearlescent effect, metallic effect, fluorescents effects, marble effects...

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Additive Masterbatches

UV, antiblock, slip, modifier, rotofoam masterbatches etc with high efficiency. Proven grades for each application

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Special Effect MB

All types of fluorescent, fragrance, metallic, pearlescent, transparent shades are available.

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Mb By Base Polymer

All types of PE based, PP based, HIPS based, GPPS based, PC based, PET based, PPR based MB are available.

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